About The 82nd Congress


JANUARY 1, 2023


DECEMBER 15, 2023

The 82nd Congress Honors The Life And Legacy Of Senate Majority Leader Brad Newsom, Who Was Tragically Killed In A Plane Crash On June 30, 2023. Brad Newsom served as the 14th Senate Majority Leader from January 20, 2020 to June 30, 2023, and was instrumental in millions of dollars in aid to humanitarian efforts. His life was cut short when the plane he was on, carrying him from Andrews Air Force to Rufus County International Airport where his flight was scheduled to fly then to Alden, Mesa. His flight crashed just a little after 9:00 AM on Friday June 30, 2023. The State Funeral Of Brad Newsom Will Be Held At The Senate Chamber And His Body Will Lay In State At The Entrance Of The Capitol Building. The Official Date Of The State Funeral Has Not Been Provided At This Time.