About Congress

Welcome To Congress

Congress is the official Legislative Body Of The United States Of Jesstopia. Within this detrimental building, bills are created which are worked on to help them pass on to the President, with the aim of becoming a law. On November 14, 1806, our great nation was founded by our great founder Jesstinian The Great who aimed to better the lives of oppressed Americans who wanted to be free from its Political division and weakness very on. Jesstopia's defense depends on both chambers to collectively agree on laws that both benefit our citizens, but also protect its citizens' Constitutional Rights.

The Original Congress Building

The Original Congress Building was built in Zankburg, and was only the size of a two story house. The original building was utilized for signing declarations, imposing taxes and other national security.

The New Congress Building

On November 14, 1933, Congress celebrated its 127th anniversary. Jesstinian The Great I, the successor to Jesstinian The Great and his eldest son, proposed a plan to create a more fair government and political environment for all.

Expansion And Development

On March 21, 2019, The Capitol Architect and development companies began planning for a new capitol building, that would be built in the National Capitol. Planning was tasked to the Capitol Architect, and the Capitol Development team begin planning a brand new Congress building that would expand with the number of House Representatives and Senators. On January 21, 2020, a resolution was passed and the plans for the new building were formally approved by the 79th Congress.