Senate Resolution 098 - Term Limiting The President To 4 Years Renewable Once After 4 Year Gap And Term Limiting Senators Of The Same.


The Senate Of The United States Of Jesstopia, and the Office Of President Of The United States Have Lengthy And Almost-Unlimited Power and,


Such power can be vested in one person for more than 20 years at any given time(SENATORS) and,

Such power can be vested in one person for 8 years, and where such power can be unchecked by a Senate or House Majority and,


The Constitution Of The United States Of Jesstopia only term limits the office of the President, for 4 year terms, renewable once and,


The current Jesstopian Constitution has set out such terms limits, fails to limit the power of such office, it is hereby presented,

Term Limit The President Of The United States Of Jesstopia to 4 Years Renewable Once, But Every 4th Year After Leaving Office and Limiting Terms Of Senators to 2 Years renewable 10 times, for a total tenure of 20 maximum.

Under this title and resolution, the following changes would take place:

We, Senator Chris Dawley, Senator Jay Laylin, Senator Harry Dixon, and Senator Jordan Cross, hereby present this Senate Resolution to the 82nd Congress for review during the 83rd Congress.



Chris Dawley - Chris Dawley(R - Mesa)

Jay Laylin - Jay Laylin(R - Senate Minority Leader)

Harry Dixon - Harry Dixon(R - South Lorray)

Jordan Cross - Jordan Cross(R - Acacia)