Statement By  House Speaker Gretchen LeWolf

January 13, 2024 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

RUFUS -  On behalf of the Representatives of the House Of The People and Senators of the Senate Of The United States Of Jesstopia as well as Senate and House leadership of both the Republican and Nationalist Party do not condone the threats by President John McCallum, attempting to undermine the power of Congress. 

As Speaker Of The United States Of Jesstopia, it is important that we, regardless of party, hold our officers to the highest standards, as we represent, the people and not ourselves. It remains important that as a Governing body we do not strafe from our morals, and the oaths of office we all took on our very first day. It is important that we continue to check and balance the President and his blantant disregard for the oath he took.

Secondly let me make myself perfectly clear, the President Of The United States Of Jesstopia CAN NOT, unilaterally declare war on Palestine, even if he issues a State of Emergency. The President must receive consent from both houses of Congress. Without a war declaration, sending troops to Palestine would be an act of terrorism, not an act of war under Jesstopian law. 

I sternly warn President McCallum to reconsider his threats this body. We want his final year in office to go as smooth as possible. His Presidency had so much turbulence, we don't want it to be any more so as he prepares to leave office. I also want to be clear. I support President McCallum in his mission to defend Jesstopia, but by it has already been mentioned, it will drain the Jesstopian military, if we participate in 3 wars at the very same time. We will require over 250,000 troops but currently on 189,000 troops are available currently, between the two wars raging on in Ukraine and Israel, which has used up Jesstopia's 1.5 million troops currently overseas.