Congress Members

Welcome To Congress

Both Chambers Of Congress are key variants to the Jesstopian Political System that help to shape the future of our nation. Without both Houses, The United States Of Jesstopia wouldn't be the great nation it is today. Both house help create fairer laws, 

Congress Members

Gretchen LeWolf(N-NS) - House Speaker

Matthew Carrington(N-NS) - Deputy Speaker

Yolanda Upton - Speaker Pro Tempore

Travis Loretti - Senate Chief Presiding Officer

Larry Cofelt - Senate Majority Leader

Harry Rodham - Senate Minority Leader

Burt Daney - Majority Whip

Jackson Green - Minority Whip

Rick Lobel - Dean

Shay Robertson - Representative For New Shire State's 1st District

Joanne Riggy - Representative

Rachel Cortez - Representative

Jacklyn  Rodriguez - Representative

Pauline Rover - Representative

Aaron Ashberger - Representative

Brittany Wilcox - Title/Position

Nancy Esperanto - Title/Position

Alicia Heisenberg - Title/Position

Hilda Turney - Representative

Brenda Wright - Representative

Francine Wallis - Representative

Richard Sanchez - Representative

Allen Rupert - Representative

Joe Smith - Representative

Roger Derekson - Representative

Henry Bernstein - Representative

Brendon Alexis - Representative

Gerald Alfred - Representative

Nick Quenton - Representative

Manny Taylor - Representative

Joseph Goldblum - Representative

Parker Reeceman Sr - Representative

Frank Hindenburg - Representative

Matthew Carrington - Representative/Deputy House Speaker

Leroy Jenkins Jr - Representative

Orlando Green - Representative

Jeffrey Epscott - Representative

Chris Rogers - Representative

Fredrick DeMont - Representative

Nolan Burmaster- Representative

Owen Wright - Representative

Marcus Lerner - Representative

Braden Harris - Representative


Dorthy Cox - Senator

Ester Platter- Senator

Anna Sykes - Senator

Louise Keller - Senator

Kelly-Ann Cox - Senator

Donna Witler - Senator

Harriet Sager - Senator

Jenna Ellisson - Senator

Gianna Serby - Senator

Lori Conway - Senator

Loraine Dash - Senator

Dorthy Wilson - Senator

Oprah DeGrasse - Senator

Allison Greene- Senator

Patricia Benks - Senator

Yolanda Brown - Senator

Allison Booth - Senator

Victoria Booth - Senator

Mary Longboat - Senator

Cecil Lentz - Senator

:Sherry Granger - Senator

Donna Lushky - Senator

Christina Potsky - Senator

Ashley Tillerson- Senator

Joanne Leeman - Senator

Hillary Scranton - Senator

Vicky White - Senator

Brianna Coleman - Senator

Lacey Silver - Senator

Yuri Ho - Senator

Brenda Lee - Senator

Sarah Levin - Senator

Leslie Grates - Senator

Lillian Beavers - Senator

Rachel Shermann - Senator

Harriet Bernbow - Senator

John Thurman - Senator

Frank Dieteman - Senator

Larry Feldman - Senator

Jackson White - Senator

Matthew Losi - Senator

Evan Shields - Senator

Trevor Walters - Senator

Trevor Walters Jr - Senator

Joseph Martin - Senator

Patrick Greasy - Senator

Martin Lowman - Senator

Frank Grey - Senator

Parker Grey - Senator

Robert Shermann - Senator

Patrick Gleeson - Senator

Kenneth Loberti - Senator

Victor Faulkner - Senator

Dennis Gercy - Senator

Gerald Seamore - Senator

Micheal Jenner - Senator

Kirk Lesh - Senator

Kevin Levertti - Senator

Darrin Parker - Senator

James Fillerson - Senator

Brandon Went - Senator

Emilio Suarez - Senator

George Pickerton - Senator

Chris Keller - Senator

Xander Perry - Senator

Devin Porter: - Senator

Jorge Santiago - Senator

Jeremy Aspen - Senator

Jake DeWolf - Senator

Lenny Serrano - Senator

Jerry Fichtinger - Senator

Erick Bradford - Senator

Christopher Evans - Senator

Holton Voice - Senator

Jake Miller - Senator

Benjamin Morris - Senator

George Roberts - Senator

Cole Bindle - Senator

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