Welcome To The Office Of Speaker Gretchen LeWolf

About Speaker LeWolf

Speaker Gretchen LeWolf was elected the 32nd House Speaker on September 24, 2022, and was sworn in as the Speaker by outgoing Speaker, Braden Harris at the Speaker's chair on November 10, 2022. She previously served as Deputy House Speaker from 2019-2022.

Speaker LeWolf has been very vocal about her support of stricter gun laws within the Country, including hammering down on residential owners who live with 10 miles of schools. She supporter legislation by Governor Thomas Cooke to ban residents who live within 15 miles from a school to own firearms in the state. She also has proposed legislation that would make the minimum sentence for fatal school shooting, suspects, a death penalty. She is anti-gun and has expressed that multiple times. She has even challenged statements made by Republican Governors who claim to have "proposed such bills first," citing copycat laws from Governor Thomas Cooke.

Then-Governor Kirk Paul of Mesa signed several acts into law that would forbid this. While she praised the sentiment, she also pointed out that these laws were already enacted in New Shire.

CURRENT TERM EXPIRES:  November 10, 2025
NEXT ELECTION: September 15, 2025

PARTY: Nationalist Party