Larry Cofelt Elected As 15th Senate Majority Leader

August 9, 2023 - 

The Senate Majority Leader's Office was won by Interim Senate Majority Leader Larry Cofelt after Vice President Travis Loretti broke the tie, in favor of Cofelt. The Senate was scheduled to decide a winner on August 5, 2023, but a resolution was not made. A vote was held today at 4:00 PM and Vice President exercised his tie-breaking power and voted for Cofelt.

The Senate To Host Majority Leader Vote

AUGUST 4, 2023 - 

Tomorrow, the Senate will vote in the next and 15th Senate Majority Leader during a special vote being held at noon tomorrow. All NATIONALIST senators are being required to attend the vote. Absenteeism will delay the vote until ALL Nationalists are present. The vote will will start at noon and the vote will conclude following the counting of votes for each candidates.

Larry Cofelt, who has served as interim Senate Majority leader is seeking appointment as the 15th Senate Majority Leader.  "I've served in this Senate for more years than Murdock can count."

Daniel Murdock, a long-time senator is also seeking the role, and says that he can bring better, fairer leadership to the party. He says "Cofelt is endangering the legitimacy of the senior leadership role."

The vote could be called as early as August 6, 2023, according to sources close to the candidates. "This isn't a regular voting session, where millions of Jesstopians vote, like during presidential elections or gubernatorial elections, this is just a inter-senatoral, inter-party vote," said Theron Pogul. "We can expect results to flood in quickly and be announced sometime during the day on August 6, 2023."

Majority Whip Larry Cofelt Announces Death Of Majority Leader Brad Newsom

Statement From Majority Whip Larry Cofelt On The Death Of Majority Leader Newsom 6/30

June 30, 2023 - It is with the most important urgency that I announce today to all of the Senators, Representatives and Mrs. Speaker And Mr. Deputy Speaker, the passing of our colleague and the leader of the Senate Nationalists, Senate Majority Leader, Brad Newsom this morning at the hands of a plane crash.

In life, Leader Newsom was dedicated to serving the people of Jesstopia, and ensuring that each individual enjoyed the civil liberties guaranteed to them by the Constitution Of The United States Of Jesstopia. In his previous work, he worked closely with humanitarian efforts, to ensure that all people had the necessary and life saving vaccinations, tools and equipment and fresh drinking water. He planned on announcing his 2024 "Jesstopian Emergency Relief Fund" that he was co-sponsoring alongside Senator Larry Feldman. The Senate plans on passing that bill on, in honor of Newsom.

As a father, grandfather and brother, Newsom enjoyed spending time with his family, playing sports and just enjoying life. He lifted his fellow senators up when they were down, he provided a shoulder to lean on, and his enduring legacy will forever live on, through us and through spirit.

Mrs. Speaker, Mr. Minority Leader, I believe it is in the best interest of both houses of this United Congress, to begin preparing for an election and vote to determine who will serve as the next and 15th Majority leader of the Senate and I hope that we select a new Majority leader that will lead with the kindness, grace and goodwill that Newsom provided us over his time as the Senate Majority leader.

Both The Senate And House members have sent letters of condolences to the Newsom family and to his office, and that just shows how important his role was and the impact that he made on the world. May he continue to rest in peace.

Thank you for your service to our Nation Mr. Newsom and may god take you into his Kingdom and my he watch over your beautiful family.


Larry Cofelt,

Senate Majority Whip