2024 State Of The Union Address

President John McCallum Gives His Final State Of The Union Address On January 1, 2024.

President McCallum Delivers Final SOTU As President

RUFUS - President John McCallum has given his final State Of The Union Address, as his Presidency enters its official final year. The President, determined to draw support for his end of presidency administrative goals including passing safety standards legislation, the Economic Growth Plan, the LGBTQ+ Hate Crime Prevention Bill and several other crime reform bills.

During the SOTU address, President McCallum addressed the growing border crisis that is a direct result of the assault on Israel, and the ensuing fleeing Israelis who are attempting to escape the rape and murder of their family members. "It has been a direct problem since the war started months ago."

He also appeased to the Republicans who were calling for more border security, issuing 250 Billion dollars to secure the border entries around the country. The President also made comments about what he hopes the future holds for Jesstopia, and after he leaves office.